One 2 One

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Welcome to a brand new feature of the Drum Syllabus Series. Ever wanted to perfect a specific area of your playing? Want a more in depth and personal lesson(s) on a specific area? Wondered how your favourite drummers do what they do? Preparing for exams and / or gigs? Well Drum Syllabus One 2 One could be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

One 2 One offers a wide range of courses which are completely customisable. You pick the subject area and how you would like to be taught it from the range of multimedia lesson packs that the Drum Syllabus Series provides.

Can’t see the perfect course for you? No problem! You can pick and mix the lesson method(s) and create your own unique one off lesson or even your own fully customisable and unique Drum Syllabus One 2 One Series.


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