New Stix Trix Videos

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Hi guys here is the first in a new series of lessons ’Stix Trix’. Each video in the series will be quick look at a specific drum technique, idea and / ‘trick’. In this video we are looking at how diddles can be added to a groove. For more videos and lessons please subscribe to the Drum Syllabus Series you …

12th November Drum Kit Setup

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Hi guys Just a quick video post of last nights kit setup. Had a great gig with the Function band the D.C.s at Sunbury Cricket Club. Happy Birthday once again to Sheila hope you had a great night!

Accessing Lesson Resources

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A few students have been asking how to access their lesson materials and all the other great stuff available on the Drum Syllabus app. So just for you here is a quick video showing you how to access all that lovely stuff…enjoy! Watch the video here.

The Force is Strong With DSS!

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Star Wars has been thrilling audiences of all ages for nearly 40 years, and every great film needs a great soundtrack. John Williams does not disappoint with his now (in my opinion at least) legendary score. To celebrate the release of the latest Star Wars film The Force Awakens, here is a quick lesson based on two of the tracks …

New Video Available

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Hi guys A few students have been asking about the accented paradiddles found in the Rockschool technical exercises. As such I have put together a very brief video outlining some of the key pints and techniques regarding paradiddles. The video can be found here: Why not subscribe to the Drum Syllabus youtube channel whilst you’re at it?! As always if …

New Lesson Resources

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Hello Drummers! Just a quick post to let you all know that you can now access the slowed down versions of songs studied in lessons direct from the lesson materials page at and the DSS app. Can’t find the song(s) you’re looking for? Just drop me an email and let me know!  

New Song Breakdown

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Hi Guys! First off my apologies that there has been such a long gap between posts. Let’s kick off 2016 with a breakdown of a great song Live and Let Die (Guns and Roses version). As always with these song breakdowns just the bare essentials are covered. This is enough to get you playing with the track but you’ll need …

London Drum Show 2015

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I had the privilege of helping out the team on the Roland stand at the London Drum Show last weekend. I got to meet some great people and a couple of heroes too! Roland really are the best in the business at providing top quality electronic drum kits. It was a joy to help and to take part in what …

Learn Anything Faster Than Ever

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Want to know the quickest, easiest and fastest way to learn anything? Of Course you do right?! Then you need the Perfect Practice Routine. You can find it in Drum Syllabus term 3 available here:  

Songs Every Drummer Should Know Part 3

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This one should really be called ‘albums every drummer should know’! Possibly (in my opinion at least) Ringo’s finest hour was the Abbey Road album. This week’s song every drummer should known is the amazing Come Together taken from said album. It’s also worth checking out ‘Here Comes the Sun’ as well as ‘The End’ from Abbey Road where Ringo …