Bongo’s Travel Diaries

Hi! My name is Bongo the Sloth. Welcome to my travel diaries! I travel around with Phil to all of his gigs and generally laze around.

Feature Headline
Little Shop of Horrors

  • Hanging with the M.D.
  • Guarding Phil’s drums!
  • Hanging with Anna
  • Hanging with John
  • Time to go!

L@TR 2018
Kingston Upon Thames

  • About to set off…

  • Load in – Phil has a lot of stuff

  • Making friends – this is Dave

  • Getting my ID

  • Nice place to sit

  • Adam is very comfy

  • Chillin’ wif da boyz

  • Looking after Bethany’s violin

  • Making more friends. This is Carrie and Bethany

  • Ah, perfect!

  • A nice place to perch.

  • Rockin’ the mic!

  • MC Bongo!

  • Thirsty work

  • Making friends, ‘she’s so fluffy..!’

  • Coffee ┬ábreak

  • Signing in at stage door

  • Making friends with Dave and Jen (oh and baby)

  • Guarding Phil’s drums

  • A man after my own heart

  • This is Sheila

  • Learning some Jazz from Dan

  • Guarding Adam’s bass

  • Safely home with Phil and Sarah

  • Been a long day…


  • Planning my route
  • Ready to go!
  • Important to stay hydrated today.
  • Phil’s driving, time for a quick nap.
  • 1st one here.

  • learning to drive.
  • Climbing – my second favourite thing
  • Never drink and shoot…
  • Chillin’ wif da Ukes
  • A very nice doorman.
  • Interval drinks.
  • Making friends.
  • Bring on set 2!
  • Getting my djembe on!
  • ‘Roxanne..!’
  • Party!
  • Ah, good to be home!

North Yorkshire

  • I’m in charge of the tunes for this journey

  • Just chillin’
  • Guarding the drums
  • We love Jamie
  • Rockin’ the mic.
  • This goes up to 11!
  • We love Tim!
  • Guarding the bass.
  • Mixing the band – more drums!
  • Topping up my energy
  • Making friends!
  • Grooves baby!
  • 5am and safely home – time for bed!

Kings Langley

  • Tuning Phil’s snare drum. It’s a bit tricky with no thumbs

  • Time to leave
  • Guard duty again
  • Next round is on me lads!
  • Writing the set list
  • Chillin’ with Tim

  • Chillin’ with Mike
  • Quick snack before bed


Next Gig

Bongo is heading of to Whistable this weekend to watch The Ukes of Hazard

See You There

Come back soon for more adventures with Bongo!

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