Adding Rolls To A Fill

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Here we are looking at adding rolls to a simple half bar semiquaver fill. Example one is the semiquaver fill played with no rolls. Note that the final semiquaver is played on the crash cymbal with the non-dominant hand. Example two adds the five stroke roll to the fill. The first two semiquavers are replaced by four double stroke demi-semiquavers. The end of the five stroke roll lands on 3+. Example three sees the first three semiquavers replaced by double stroke demi-seniquavers. The seven stroke roll ends on 1a. Example four sees the seven stroke roll start on 3e. This roll starts on the non-dominant hand and ends on beat 4. Example five adds four demi-semiquavers to the start of the fill giving us a nine stroke roll ending on beat 4. Have fun with these examples and see what fills you can create. For more videos and lessons please subscribe to the Drum Syllabus Series you tube channel:

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