Teaser #5

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Hello Guys Today’s teaser is designed to test and improve limb independence. We will be looking at playing an offbeat groove using our left hand whilst adding in some tricky right hand patterns on the bell of the ride. Challenge: Once you have mastered adding in each ride pattern separately why not try adding them in sequentially  e.g. 2 bars of …

Teaser #3

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Hello Guys Following on from yesterday’s teaser here is another groove based idea. This time we are looking at how the five stroke roll can be used to enhance a groove. Challenge: Try re-orchestrating the move stroke roll e.g. between the ride and hi hat. In the Ex 2 why not swap the double left for a double stroke on …

5 Stroke Roll Fill

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Hello Here we have a lesson looking at a five stroke roll orchestration. This lesson is based on a Mike Johnston lesson from www.mikeslessons.com. If you have any questions, comments or video responses please feel free to post them below. For more videos and lessons please subscribe to the Drum Syllabus Series you tube channel: http://www.youtube.com//subscribtion_center?add_user=DSSVideoLessons For more information on …

Adding Rolls To A Fill

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Here we are looking at adding rolls to a simple half bar semiquaver fill. Example one is the semiquaver fill played with no rolls. Note that the final semiquaver is played on the crash cymbal with the non-dominant hand. Example two adds the five stroke roll to the fill. The first two semiquavers are replaced by four double stroke demi-semiquavers. …

Paradiddle Fills Video Lesson

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Here we are looking at a selection of Paradiddle fills played in semiquavers and orchestrated around the kit. Example one shows the basic Paradiddle sticking on the snare. Example two orchestrates the dominant hand ‘down’ the toms. The non-dominant hand remains on the snare drum throughout. Example three orchestrates the dominant hand ‘up’ the toms. Example four starts by traveling down the …

Blushda Lesson

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Blushda Drum Lesson Drum Syllabus Tutorial Drum Fills A quick video showing some of the applications from this week's blushda lesson. Be sure to have reviewed all previous material on the Swiss Army Triplet Rudiment before trying this blushda fill.