Drum Syllabus Gift Vouchers

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Hello! Have you ever wanted to play the drums? Do you know someone who does? Well why not treat them with a Drum Syllabus Tuition voucher? 30 Minute lesson vouchers are £18 and 60 minute lesson vouchers are £35 But Wait! There’s More! Buy five vouchers and receive a 10% discount Buy ten vouchers and receive a free 30 minute …

Another Teaser

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Hello Guys Here’s another quick teaser for you. This time we are looking at how one, well placed double stroke can drastically alter the sound and feel of a groove. Challenge: Once you’ve mastered the double stroke on the snare drum why not try re-orchestrating it e.g. the hi hat Have you got any other suggestions as to how this idea …

New Workbook Available

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Hot off the presses (well the virtual ones at least), comes the second title in the Drum Syllabus Series Workbook range. Syncopation Workbook 1 looks at adding syncopated snare drums to three previously studied groove types. With over one hundred exercises this workbook is ideal for any drummer looking to enhance their grooves and further develop their coordination and limb …

New Workbooks

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Hello Everybody! Very exciting news to share with you all today. The Drum Syllabus Series now offers workbooks designed to help with specific areas of your drumming. The first workbook, which focusses on open hi hat work is available now with more workbooks tackling a variety of different drum techniques on the way soon. But don’t just take my word …

End of Term Friend jam

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As a bit of fun (yes I know, fun in the classroom whatever next)?! Students have been taking part in some healthy competition against their peers using Roland’s drumming software ‘Friend Jam’. Friend Jam monitors a student’s performance whilst they play along to a backing track and gives them a score out of 600. Students are marked on five criteria; …

New Lesson Materials – Tunes Every Drummer Should Know

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Here is a quick lesson to kick off a new series: Tunes Every Drummer Should Know! Stay tuned for more updates to this series as the term progresses. Do you have any thoughts on what tunes we as drummers should all know? Let me know and we’ll get them added to the list. Enjoy Your Drumming. Tunes Every Drummer Should …

The Drum Break of All Drum Breaks

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The BBC have published this great article on the Amen Break, possibly the most sampled beat of all time. It’s well worth a read and can be found here. And for those of you who haven’t heard or seen it before here is the Amen break itself.   

Good News For Drummers

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Hi Guys Just been shown this by a friend. Not sure of it’s validity but it certainly makes for interesting reading. Drummers are Fitter and Happier – Science Says So What do you think? Are  you fitter and happier? Let me know in the comments below.

Quote of the Day

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Not sure if I agree on this one but the guy can really play!

5 Stroke Roll Fill

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Hello Here we have a lesson looking at a five stroke roll orchestration. This lesson is based on a Mike Johnston lesson from www.mikeslessons.com. If you have any questions, comments or video responses please feel free to post them below. For more videos and lessons please subscribe to the Drum Syllabus Series you tube channel: http://www.youtube.com//subscribtion_center?add_user=DSSVideoLessons For more information on …