The Drummer Diaries

The Drummer Diaries are a series of short video blogs by Drum Syllabus creator Philip Page.

The blogs aim simply to capture what Phil is up to, be that gigging, rehearsing reviewing gear or just about anything else!

Episode 1

The first episode in a new series about, well, a drummer!
Phil travels to the first ever Kicktones gig.

Episode 2

In this episode Phil gets to go and play in the woods..!

Episode 3

Welcome to episode 3 of the Drummer Diaries. This episode Phil spends a day filming with the mighty Gary Mullins.

Episode 4

This episode has it all, long journeys, a storm, birds of pray, a great story about a train and Adam eating… a lot!

Episode 5

In this the fifth instalment of the Drummer Diaries Phil travels to sunny Ashford to work with the legend that is Alan Dublon.

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