Stix Speaks

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Hi guys Welcome to the first instalment of ‘Stix Speaks’. I am aiming to post reasonably regular short videos covering topics and areas that have come up over that week’s teaching. This first instalment is all about practice! Please feel free to leave any comments below. See you next time.

Warm Up Lessons

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Hello I hope everyone is enjoying their first week back at school. This week we have been looking at new warm ups and starters in class. Below are the PDFs of each lesson. Remember once you have warmed up your second task is to find a creative use for each warm up. Enjoy!

New Song Breakdown

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Hi Guys! First off my apologies that there has been such a long gap between posts. Let’s kick off 2016 with a breakdown of a great song Live and Let Die (Guns and Roses version). As always with these song breakdowns just the bare essentials are covered. This is enough to get you playing with the track but you’ll need …

Semiquaver Groupings Video

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Here is a quick video demonstrating some of the orchestrations and applications of different semiquaver groupings. In this demonstration I am using groups of 3 – RLL, 5 – RLRLL and 7 – RLRLRLL. As always if you have any questions, comments or indeed your own videos please feel free to share. For more information on the drum syllabus …

Blushda Lesson

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Blushda Drum Lesson Drum Syllabus Tutorial Drum Fills A quick video showing some of the applications from this week's blushda lesson. Be sure to have reviewed all previous material on the Swiss Army Triplet Rudiment before trying this blushda fill.

Double Stroke Ladder

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For more information on the drum syllabus series visit: Thanks for watching!

Video Lessons

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A selection of video lessons from the Drum Syllabus Series. Video Lesson #1  Video Lesson #2 Video Lesson #3 Video Lesson #4 Video Lesson #5  

Albums every drummer should have?

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A drum poll held by Music Radar lists several albums it thinks all drummer’s should own. What do you think? Do you own any / all of these albums? What drummers / albums would you add?! See the list here. Drummer Cafe has their own ideas on the subject as well See their list here. Even Amazon have got in …

DSS Notation Key

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This is a notation key for the first two terms of The Drum Syllabus Series