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Within these covers are all the technical and coordination exercises that a novice will need to be able to play along to their favourite bands. What is more by combining all the various exercises the material is at least trebled. Buy this book!Kevin Bulford Ash Bash Drum School


A very easy to read and easy to understand, drum tuition book. The numerous C.D. examples also help to make the book come alive.Dennis Elvie Former Head of Music Thamesmead School


A drummer’s bible, DSS 1.0 is a fantastic iBook which contains all the information to get you started on your drumming path.DSS is a must-have App for any aspiring drummer. The writing is not only informative but also very encouraging. If you’re just starting out, DSS is a great place to begin. And even if you’re taking lessons, DSS can be a great companion to help you practice.Mohini Singh - The

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Phil is a great drummer to work with – he’s versatile, reads music well and has great chops. He’s industrious and has a wealth of experience in playing in a wide variety of areas so he’s always my first call!Gary Mullins - Jazz Juice


Phil has worked with me on a regular basis over the last few years. I have called upon Phil’s services for studio work; recording demo’s for productions I’m involved with as well as for live sessions as a musician for corporate band DisCovered. He is very professional and organised musician capable of learning and researching songs for different jobs, he’s prepared & capable of handling situations that may arise (whether this is change an arrangement of such a song on the spot or to carry out minor repairs to drums or electrical equipment) and works great as a team player with the many different musicians that I also work with. His personality and great attitude to the profession ensures that I call him back for present and future work.Adam Flanagan - Discovered