Fine Art Therapies

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    Panic attacks can sometimes occur out of the blue and are usually accompanied by chest and stomach pains, increased heart palpitations and shortness of breath. The chair will then start the massage movements based on the tempo of the music playing. Taking music therapy a step further, Dr. Alfred Tomatis found that by filtering music in very precise ways, the music could have an even more profound effect on people. The patients stayed in time to the rhythmic sounds and showed vast improvements in all aspects of their recovery.

    Since music is understood differently by different people the same music cannot be used for therapy for all. Music therapy is not only limited to increase personal development, behaviour development, self consciousness of an ailing person, it is even helpful to the intensive care patients.

    Today, while numerous groundbreaking researches have proved that music, as an entity, has a profound effect on the body and the psyche of all living organisms, that which was perceived only as an aesthetic pursuit is today regarded as an established therapy to address physical, emotional, DMT cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages.

    It is often noticed that, excessive sessions of music therapy can cause harm to intensive care patients. Studies back this up as patients awaiting and even during a surgical or other medical procedure were positively impacted by music which helped then to remain calm and reduced anxiety about the medical experience.

    The use of soothing music such as the sounds of nature or symphonic harmonies are perfect for relaxing your mind allowing you to enter that peaceful meditative state. Diet is a type of ADHD therapy that has also been shown to be valuable as a treatment method as well.

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