Stix Speaks

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Hi guys Welcome to the first instalment of ‘Stix Speaks’. I am aiming to post reasonably regular short videos covering topics and areas that have come up over that week’s teaching. This first instalment is all about practice! Please feel free to leave any comments below. See you next time.

Warm Up Lessons

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Hello I hope everyone is enjoying their first week back at school. This week we have been looking at new warm ups and starters in class. Below are the PDFs of each lesson. Remember once you have warmed up your second task is to find a creative use for each warm up. Enjoy!

Drummer Diaries Episode 9 Now available

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Hello good people! In this episode, Phil joins forces with the Kicktones once again to celebrate Michael’s mum’s birthday. Much fun ensues including a visit from Gandalf and some competitive gaming and amazing beards! If you want to stay up to date with all things Drum Syllabus then subscribe to the Drum Syllabus Series Youtube channel here. And don’t forget …

Episode 5 of The Drummer Diaries Available Now

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Good Morning Good People! The wait is finally over! Episode 5 of the drummer diaries is now available for your viewing pleasure. Check out the Drummer diaries web page here. As always please like, comment, subscribe and share this and any other videos that take your fancy on the Drum Syllabus Series Youtube channel. Thanks, Guys!

Teaser #5

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Hello Guys Today’s teaser is designed to test and improve limb independence. We will be looking at playing an offbeat groove using our left hand whilst adding in some tricky right hand patterns on the bell of the ride. Challenge: Once you have mastered adding in each ride pattern separately why not try adding them in sequentially  e.g. 2 bars of …

Teaser #3

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Hello Guys Following on from yesterday’s teaser here is another groove based idea. This time we are looking at how the five stroke roll can be used to enhance a groove. Challenge: Try re-orchestrating the move stroke roll e.g. between the ride and hi hat. In the Ex 2 why not swap the double left for a double stroke on …

Another Teaser

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Hello Guys Here’s another quick teaser for you. This time we are looking at how one, well placed double stroke can drastically alter the sound and feel of a groove. Challenge: Once you’ve mastered the double stroke on the snare drum why not try re-orchestrating it e.g. the hi hat Have you got any other suggestions as to how this idea …

Bass Drum Teasers

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Hi Guys Just a little afternoon teaser for you all. Here are two linear semiquaver triplet fills. One is designed for single pedal and the other for double. Challenges: For all single pedal users why not try swapping two of the bass drums in the double pedal exercise for hi hats or the floor tom? For double pedal players why …

New Workbook Available

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Hot off the presses (well the virtual ones at least), comes the second title in the Drum Syllabus Series Workbook range. Syncopation Workbook 1 looks at adding syncopated snare drums to three previously studied groove types. With over one hundred exercises this workbook is ideal for any drummer looking to enhance their grooves and further develop their coordination and limb …

New Workbooks

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Hello Everybody! Very exciting news to share with you all today. The Drum Syllabus Series now offers workbooks designed to help with specific areas of your drumming. The first workbook, which focusses on open hi hat work is available now with more workbooks tackling a variety of different drum techniques on the way soon. But don’t just take my word …